Whether you're moving cross county and need to take an extra car with you or are the proud owner of a classic car and visit several car shows throughout the year, there are several reasons why you could be in the market for a quality trailer. If you've never purchased a trailer in the past, you might assume that all makes and models are equal and that it is always best to buy new. While shopping around for the best deal on your car trailer, here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

Do Your Homework

Before you set foot in a trailer showroom, it is vital to do your homework. There are several sizes and shapes available, and trailers are also constructed from a variety of materials. The materials and size of the trailer will impact its price, so it is vital you understand what is available before you start shopping.

For example, a trailer featuring a wooden deck is great for a car owner who won't use the trailer often or is looking for a bargain. In addition to hauling cars, you can also use your wooden trailer to tow several other things. If you like the idea of wood but want something more durable, a treated wood trailer is a great option.

A trailer featuring a metal such as aluminum is a great option because metal is durable and easy to clean. Aluminum is much lighter than other metals commonly used to make trailers, such as steel, so keep this in mind if you are planning to tow the trailer with a vehicle featuring a lesser towing capacity.

Finally, if you're planning to use your vehicle trailer often or are hauling a very expensive car, consider an enclosed trailer. However, it is important to remember that these trailers and more costly and a lot heavier, so you must make sure your truck features an adequate towing capacity.

Do Purchase a New Tow Hitch

Did you know that there are different classes of tow hitches? If you're purchasing a new trailer, it is important that your vehicle can handle the potential weight on that trailer and that you have the right tow hitch to handle the weight as well. For example, according to Auto Anything, if you want to haul up to 2,000 pounds, you should purchase a Class I trailer hitch. This hitch can be attached to just about any type of car or truck, from a subcompact to a heavy-duty truck, and is ideal for hauling a motorcycle or jet ski.

However, if you want to place something more heavy on your car trailer, you might want to consider a Class II or III trailer. According to Auto Anything, a Class II trailer can haul up to 3,500 pounds, and a Class III can handle a weight of up to 8,000 pounds. Remember, you also need to factor in the weight of the trailer when shopping for a new tow hitch.

Don't Assume That You Have to Buy New

Finally, while you're shopping around, don't forget that there are several used trailers available. A used car trailer is a great option, no matter what your budget. It is also a great idea to purchase used if you need a larger trailer that can handle a heavier vehicle but just don't have the cash to afford new.

Before buying used, make sure to do your homework. Research various manufacturers to determine which has a product that holds up the best over time.

From learning about the various types of car trailers available to considering buying used, when you're shopping around for a new vehicle trailer, there are several do's and don'ts to keep in mind.