When you get in your car on a hot day, there is nothing nearly as frustrating as trying to cool down by putting the air conditioner on, only to realize it's not working. If you've fidgeted around with the buttons and controls to no avail, you may be wondering why the unit is suddenly giving you a problem and what you can do about it. Unfortunately, air conditioning units in cars can run into their fair share of problems, much like a traditional AC unit. However, auto repair specialists can help get to the bottom of it for you.

What Could Cause an Air Conditioner in the Car to Stop Working?

You're likely wondering how the unit stopped working so suddenly, especially if you just used it the day before. A few things can go wrong behind the scenes with various components of your vehicle's air conditioning unit. These are a few problems your car might have:

  • Your Air Compressor Is Damaged - The components of an air conditioning unit can stop working when there is some level of damage. If these parts aren't properly maintained over the years, you're more likely to experience some level of damage to the air compressor. For example, when an air compressor isn't in good condition, it can create refrigerant leaks and prevent cool air from being produced.
  • You're Dealing with an Electrical Issue - You may have blown a fuse to your air conditioning unit in the car without realizing it. When you've blown a fuse, it becomes nearly impossible for the unit to produce the air you need, thus keeping the car hot instead of cooling it down when the temperature is high.

While these are common issues, other problems can arise with different components. Because you just never know what the problem might be, it's best to have your car's air conditioning unit inspected by specialists.

What Happens After Having Your Auto AC Unit Problem Diagnosed?

Once the problem gets diagnosed, you can find out what it will take to get the unit working again. For example, you may need to have a new compressor installed or wiring fixed before it will produce the cool air you want and need. However, if the damage is too extensive, the specialists may recommend getting an entirely new unit installed. While a replacement may cost more than basic repairs, it's worth it if it means you won't have to feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable while you drive.

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